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About Us

Real World Healthcare

About Us

111RealHealthData was established in 2014 with the goal of providing unique real world data insights derived from Real World Data sources. We cover over 150,000 providers across all 50 states. The patients include the commercially insured, uninsured, Medicare and Medicaid recipients from both in-patient and out-patient facilities. The records offer an intimate view of the patient-provider interaction and provide valuable insights including:

  • Factors influencing a provider’s treatment rationale
  • The efficacy and outcome of treatment interventions
  • Treatment pathways and trends
  • Patient-reported outcomes and voice-of-patient
  • Disease progression

4 Ways Our Data is Different


Insights optimized for quality.


Data is complete, extensive, thorough and exhaustive.


Covers all relevant aspects of a patient’s life.


Locate providers based on patient symptoms, therapies or tests.


Data Use Cases

Medical intervention and outcomes evaluation:
Provider and Patient profiling:
Identification of treatment patterns and decisions:
Disease progression and intervention efforts:
Market research:
Clinical Trial patient recruitment and provider identification:
Clinical Trial protocol feasibility:
Commercial sales planning and messaging:
Measure marketing and sales effectiveness:



Targeted Data

Real-world Insights